Joewell FX Pro Black Titanium Skull

The Joewell FX Pro Black Titanium Skull Scissors is the latest eye catching addition to the FX range. Featuring a front blade that has an angled sword edge and a flat back blade that sits flush against the comb and hair panel allowing the stylist extra accuracy and control.

£388.00 (ex. VAT)

The design award winning FX Pro Black Titanium has a 3 dimensional style handle, to give a more comfortable cutting position, and a twisted thumb ring, to aid a more natural movement of the thumb, fingers and elbow. These design features help to relieve the stress and strain on your arm whilst cutting. The combination of a top side sword blade, and back side flat blade, not only enables an accurate and stable scissor operation, but delivers more of your cutting power to the point of the blades. A light and smooth cutting action is provided by the dry bearing screw system. Contains less than 0.6% nickel to help prevent metal allergies.

Sizes: 5″, 5.5″, 6″.

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