Wella Color Touch 60ml


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COLOR TOUCH professional hair colour has been developed to perfectly complement and mirror the Koleston Perfect Shades to meet all your hair colour ideas. Stunning shade portfolio of 83 shades


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Wella Color Touch

10/0 Lightest Blonde, 10/6 Lightest Violet Blonde, 2/0 Black, 2/8 Black Pear, 3/0 Dark Brown, 3/66 Dark Intensive Violet Brown, 4/0 Medium Brown, 4/57 Medium Mahogany Brunette Brown, 4/6 Medium Violet Brown, 4/71 Medium Brunette Ash Brown, 44/06 Intense Medium Natural Violet Brown, 44/07 Intense Medium Natural Brunette Brown, 44/65 Medium Intense Violet Mahogany Brown, 5/0 Light Brown, 5/1 Light Ash Brown, 5/3 Light Gold Brown, 5/37Light Gold Brunette Brown, 5/4 Light Red Brown, 5/5 Light Mahogany Brown, 5/66 Light Intensive Violet Brown, 5/73 Light Brunette Gold Brown, 5/75 Light Brunette Mahogany Brown, 5/97 Light Cendre Brunette Blonde, 55/04 Intense Light Natural Red Brown, 55/05 Intense Light Natural Mahogany Brown, 55/07 Intense Light Natural Brunette Brown, 55/54 Light Intense Mahogany Red Brown, 55/65 Light Intense Violet Mahogany Brown, 6/0 Dark Blonde, 6/3 Dark Gold Blonde, 6/35 Dark Gold Mahogany Blonde, 6/37 Dark Gold Brunette Blonde, 6/4 Dark Red Blonde, 6/47 Dark Red Brunette Blonde, 6/7 Dark Brunette Blonde, 6/71 Dark Brunette Ash Blonde, 6/73 Dark Brunette Gold Blonde, 6/75 Dark Brunette Mahogany Blonde, 66/03 Intense Dark Natural Gold Blonde, 66/04 Intense Dark Natural Red Blonde, 66/07 Intense Dark Natural Brunette Blonde, 66/44 Dark Intense Red Blonde, 66/45 Dark Intense Red Mahogany Blonde, 7/0 Medium Blonde, 7/03 Medium Natural Gold Blonde, 7/1 Medium Ash Blonde, 7/3 Medium Gold Blonde, 7/4 Medium Red Blonde, 7/43 Medium Red Gold Blonde, 7/47 Medium Red Brunette Blonde, 7/7 Medium Brunette Blonde, 7/73 Medium Brunette Gold Blonde, 7/75 Medium Brunette Mahogany Blonde, 7/89 Medium Pearl Cendre Blonde, 7/97 Medium Cendre Brunette Blonde, 77/03 Intense Medium Natural Gold Blonde, 77/07 Intense Medium Natural Brunette Blonde, 77/45 Medium Intense Red Mahogany Blonde, 8/0 Light Blonde, 8/38 Light Gold Pearl Blonde, 8/43 Light Red Gold Blonde, 8/71 Light Brunette Ash Blonde, 8/73 Light Brunette Gold Blonde, 8/81 Light Pearl Ash Blonde, 88/03 Intense Light Natural Gold Blonde, 88/07 Intense Light Natural Brunette Blonde, 9/01 Very Light Natural Ash Blonde, 9/03 Very Light Natural Gold Blonde, 9/16 Very Light Ash Violet Blonde, 9/36 Very Light Gold Violet Blonde, 9/73 Very Light Brunette Gold Blonde, 9/97 Very Light Cendre Brunette Blonde

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