Wella Illumina Shades 60ml


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Illumina Color is a permanent colour which can lighten, darken & enhance natural hair colour giving it a sheer natural looking result.

Since launching, Illumina Color has become a global beauty phenomenon setting a new benchmark for naturalness in hair colour with incredible light reflection and incredible hair protection while providing irresistible hair quality.


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Illumina Shades

10/ Lightest Blonde, 10/05 Lightest Gold Pearl Blonde, 10/1 Lightest Ash Blonde, 10/36 Lightest Gold Violet Blonde, 10/38 Lightest Natural Mahogany Blonde, 10/69 Lightest Violet Cendre Blonde, 10/93 Lightest Cendre Gold Blonde, 4/ Medium Brown, 5/ Light Brown, 5/02 Light Natural Cool Ash Brown, 5/35 Light Gold Mahogany Brown, 5/43 Light Red Gold Brown, 5/7 Light Brunette Brown, 5/81 Light Pearl Ash Brown, 6/ Dark Blonde, 6/16 Dark Ash Violet Blonde, 6/19 Ash Cendre Blonde, 6/37 Dark Blonde Gold Brown, 6/76 Dark Blonde Brunette Violet, 7/ Medium Blonde, 7/3 Medium Gold Blonde, 7/31 Medium Gold Ash Blonde, 7/35 Medium Gold Mahogany Blonde, 7/43 Medium Red Gold Blonde, 7/7 Medium Brunette Blonde, 7/81 Medium Pearl Ash Blonde, 8/ Light Blonde, 8/05 Light Natural Mahogany Blonde, 8/1 Light Ash Blonde, 8/13 Light Blonde Ash Gold, 8/37 Light Blonde Gold Brown, 8/38 Light Gold Pearl Blonde, 8/69 Light Violet Cendre Blonde, 9/ Very Light Blonde, 9/03 Very Light Natural Gold, 9/43 Very Light Red Gold Blonde, 9/60 Very Light Violet Natural Blonde, 9/7 Very Light Brunette Blonde, Chrome Olive, Copper Peach, Platinum Lily, Silver Mauve, Titanium Rose

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