Renbow Colorissimo Permanent Colour 100ml


COLORISSIMO® Formulated with breakthrough chroma technology, COLORISSIMO® is a unique, permanent hair colour range, developed by scientific colour experts using pure beeswax ingredients to produce maximum condition & shine.

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Renbow Colorissimo uses breakthrough Chroma technology that can penetrate colour deep into the fibre of hair. Not only does this leave you with an incredible shine to the hair you are working on, but it means that results will last longer than before. With 69 intermixable shades now available in the Renbow Colorissimo range, it also means that there are a tremendous amount of colour opportunities available to colourists and stylists

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1.1 Blue Black, 1 Black, 3 Dark Brown, 4 Brown, 5 Light Brown, 6 Dark Blonde, 7 Blonde, 8 Light Blonde, 9 Very Light Blonde, 10 Lightest Blonde, 5 Cool Natural Light Brown, 6 Cool Natural Dark Blonde, 7 Cool Natural Medium Blonde, 8 Cool Natural Light Blonde, 9 Cool Natural Very Light Blonde, 4.1 Medium Natural Ash Brown, 5.1 Light Natural Ash Brown, 6.1 Dark Natural Ash Blonde, 7.1 Medium Natural Ash Blonde, 8.1 Light Natural Ash Blonde, 9.1 Very Light Natural Ash Blonde, 10.1 Lightest Ash Blonde, 5.01 Light Nordic Ash Brown, 6.01 Dark Nordic Ash Blonde, 7.01 Medium Nordic Ash Blonde, 8.01 Light Nordic Ash Blonde, 9.01 Very Light Nordic Ash Blonde, 4.3 Golden Brown, 5.3 Light Golden Brown, 6.3 Dark Golden Blonde, 7.3 Golden Blonde, 8.3 Light Golden Blonde, 9.3 Very Light Golden Blonde, 10.3 White Gold, 5NW Light Natural Warm Brown, 6NW Dark Natural Warm Blonde, 7NW Medium Natural Warm Blonde, 8NW Light Natural Warm Blonde, 5.003 Light Mocha Brown, 6.003 Dark Mocha Blonde, 7.003 Medium Mocha Blonde, 8.003 Light Mocha Blonde, 4 Dark Chocolate, 5 Milk Chocolate, 6 Cappuccino, 4.35 Medium Chestnut Brown, 5.35 Light Chestnut Brown, 6.35 Dark Chestnut Blonde, 7.35 Medium Chestnut Blonde, 4.43 Medium Copper Golden Brown, 5.43 Light Copper Golden Brown, 6.43 Dark Copper Golden Blonde, 5.66 Light Vivid Red Brown, 6.66 Dark Vivid Red Blonde, 7.66 Medium Vivid Red Blonde, 8.66 Light Vivid Red Blonde, 4.5 Medium Mahogany Brown, 5.5 Light Mahogany Brown, 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde, 4.62 Medium Violet Red Brown, 5.62 Light Violet Red Brown, 5.4 Light Copper Brown, 6.4 Dark Copper Blonde, 7.4 Medium Copper Blonde, 7.44 Medium Intense Copper Blonde, 8.44 Light Intense Copper Blonde,, 11 High Lift Natural Blonde, 11.1 High Lift Ash Blonde, 11.13 High Lift Beige Blonde, 11.2 High Lift Platinum Blonde, 11.3 High Lift Golden Blonde, 12 Super Natural Blonde, 12.1 Super Ash Blonde, 12.2 Super Platinum Blonde, 12.9 Super Ice Blonde, 0 Blonde Booster, HLR Super Intense Red, HLVR Super Intense Violet Red, HLC Super Intense Copper, Grey Smokey Grey, Silver Silver Grey, Slate Slate Blue, Lavender, Grey Lavender, 10PRM Lightest Blonde Platinum Rose, 9RGM Very Light Blonde Rose Gold, 8BRM Light Blonde Bronze Rose, 7VM Deep Violet Metallic, 8VM Medium Violet Metallic, 9VM Platinum Violet Metallic, BLUE Blue Intensifier, VIOLET Violet Intensifier, YELLOW Yellow Intensifier, RED Red Intensifier, SILVER Silver Intensifier, PEARL Pearl Intensifier

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