Joewell Concave Cobalt

Joewell Concave Cobalt Hairdressing Scissors are very high quality scissors, for advanced stylists. Joewell Concave Cobalt Offset hairdressing scissors are popular as they are hand-crafted in Japan from a supreme Japanese cobalt base alloy, to an exacting standard.

£305.00 (ex. VAT)

The Joewell Concave Cobalt will give you a perfect cut with less effort. A 40° edge angle, on the new concave blades, creates a cutting load that is lower than existing scissors. Not only this but the bottom blade has been crafted from stainless alloy, and the top blade has been crafted from cobalt base alloy, which creates a longer lasting cutting blade that will not damage as easily. Added to this is a semi offset, nickel-less (less than 0.6%) handle, which has a blast finish that helps to displace moisture from the hand.

Size: 5.25″

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