Joewell Classsic Pink Offset

The Joewell Classsic Pink Offset features super-sharp honed blades for that cut-like-butter feel and made from highest quality stainless steel alloy for fantastic durability,

£250.00 (ex. VAT)

The Classic Pink is the Joewell standard model, with added pink accessories, and was the scissor that Joewell built their name on. It has been selling around the world for over 40 years. Made from supreme stainless alloy and with the standard Joewell blade, it is suitable for all cutting techniques, and gives you a classic all round cutting experience. Contains less than 0.6% nickel to help prevent metal allergies. Material: Supreme Stainless Alloy
Blade: Standard
Screw Type: Thin Adjustable
Handle Shape: Offset
Sizes: 5.25″, 5.75″

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